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Hope Vanni is an emerging, Sydney-based artist. Her experimental practice spans performance, painting, video and sculpture. Throughout her creative practice, she draws on her experiences of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to comment on the broader challenges of mental illness. Her recent works also reflect a conceptual expansion into notions of the body, femininity and gender. Her art-making practice is led by her compulsions and urges, reflected in the recurring elements of repetition, time and illusion in her work. The body is also a critical device employed by her practice. Using her own body as the site, performance becomes a mode of communication between herself and audience. She translates her experiences of mental illness, gender and female sexuality through time-based performance pieces. She employs techniques of sculpture, video and/or painting to document her performances in the form of residual works.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) UNSW Art and Design (2015 - present)

Selected Exhibitions:  


Tell Me When I Can Stop, Kudos Gallery (2018)


Second to None, AD Space (2016)



Mentorship Program, Hayden Fowler (2015 - present)

Winner of Waverley Environmental Art Prize (2010)